A downloadable game for Windows

"Please save Fantasia!" a woman asked you.

She's in front of you, a lonely girl who does not have anyone, asking you to save an unknown world from an impending  doom by obtaining a heart key from one of four "heart bearers"

The first one is a Demon Lord....

The second is a bloodthirsty assassin...

The third is a mysterious hooded guy...

And the fourth... has curse placed on him...

The game is complete, was released on 2009 and no further updates will be made, so pardon the graphics XD

Install instructions

Enable pop-up in order to download this file from the mediafire mirror


Fantasia, The Realm of Thanos v 1.2


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Wow! This is super nostalgic! I remember playing this game back when I first started getting into VNs! ^_^

Thanks! I'm working on a second sequel of it!

This is the VN that got me into VNs <3

Thank you <3

Ahh nostalgia :) The soundtrack still is just so soothing on my ears. 

I just had to replay this little gem again. 

Thank you!

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It has been a long time since I played this...thanks for the download!  I thought I'd never see this game again. The whole Fantasia series is probably the most creative story line! Keep up the great work!!!  Will be replaying first two then the new demo!

Thank you so much! <3


Oh my gosh, I loved this as a child! It's hard to believe it's almost been ten years, huh? I stumbled across your 'Doppleganger' game here on itch.io, glanced over to see who made it, and nearabout had a heart attack when I recognized your name. Memories!! So many memories!!!

And I cannot BELIEVE you're making a third one - middle school me would have jumped for joy. This is all so terribly exciting!!! I loved your games so much!!

Downloading to replay very very soon - so much nostalgia. I'm so happy right now.

Thanks so much for playing! <3 I hope you enjoyed them and will enjoy the new ones, too!

This was one of my very first VNs. It's really nice to see it up for download on here!

Aaaa, thank you so much, you've made my day <3



Will re-download to see child Cain again. I don't know why, I was really drawn to that kid.

Huzzah! Thank you!