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I was so excited to see this game again, but it won't download...

Just enable pop-up and you will be fine!

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I am so happy to see this game series added to! This and a couple others were my first visual novels and what got me into playing and eventually making them. I still remember stumbling upon this game in a post on lemmasoft. I played it for hours and I was so facinated that you could tell a story this way.

I might not have believed I could make anything on my own were it not for you.  8 years later I can finally say THANK YOU for being such an inspiration! ^_^

PS: It's also great to see how much your drawing has evolved!

Aaaah! It is such an honor to know I inspired people making their own VNs! Thank you for playing and I am glad you enjoyed the experience!

Keep making VNs and be awesome!

It's a weird feeling finding out that the creator of one of the memorable VNs you've played also played a VN from another creator, a VN that you've also played and remember. 


VNception?  :'DD

And thanks for playing!