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The new Demon Lord continues his desire for destruction, and only you can stop him. But it won't be a smooth journey though...

You may be betrayed...
You will see your friends die before your eyes...
You may lose those who are important to you...
And the worst case is, you can lose your life as well...
But if you can emerge from the pond of tears and blood...
The end will be worth the sacrifice...

Play as Valen as you go through a journey to save world of Fantasia.
Will you find love from your companions? Will you finish what your parents has started? Or will you fail and see your friends slaughtered one by one? Everything is in your hands now...

The game is complete, was released on 2010 and no further updates will be made, so pardon the graphics XD

Install instructions

Enable pop-up in order to download this file from the mediafire mirror




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Ok back again. I downloaded this game after running some scans, and I can't figure out how to get the game to launch. I used 7Zip to extract the game's rar file into another folder, but then what? Where do I go to launch the application?/game. There are just a whole bunch of files+folders.

Just click on the one with the face icon (the .exe file)

Thanks for answering. But for some reason, there is no file with the face icon/ exe file. I'll try redownloading. 

Ok, a redownload fixed the the issue. I see the .exe file with the face icon. The game's working now. Thanks for your help! It's been so long since I've played this game. Can't wait to do so again.

Yasss! Have fun! <3

I really want to download this and Doppelganger (I played these several years ago and I remember loving this), but I'm worried about viruses. Are these two games absolutely safe to download? 

Yes, of course they are safe!

Thanks for answering.

I was so excited to see this game again, but it won't download...

Just enable pop-up and you will be fine!

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I am so happy to see this game series added to itch.io! This and a couple others were my first visual novels and what got me into playing and eventually making them. I still remember stumbling upon this game in a post on lemmasoft. I played it for hours and I was so facinated that you could tell a story this way.

I might not have believed I could make anything on my own were it not for you.  8 years later I can finally say THANK YOU for being such an inspiration! ^_^

PS: It's also great to see how much your drawing has evolved!

Aaaah! It is such an honor to know I inspired people making their own VNs! Thank you for playing and I am glad you enjoyed the experience!

Keep making VNs and be awesome!

It's a weird feeling finding out that the creator of one of the memorable VNs you've played also played a VN from another creator, a VN that you've also played and remember. 


VNception?  :'DD

And thanks for playing!