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Orion just arrived in remote village that was hit by a mysterious meteorite. He was in the corn field that day when it struck, but was miraculously able to survive. He met Maya, a mysterious girl who appeared every day on the corn field ever since that fateful event. That meeting was also on the beginning of a weird rumor spreading around the town. A crop circle suddenly appears at the corn field, and "alien sightings" are reported everywhere... Could it be that Maya was connected to everything?


  • Aliens
  • 24k+ words
  • 5 Endings
  • 8 CGs 
  • Original sprites & backgrounds
  • A bucket of tears


Credits can be seen within the game

HINT : To pass the bad ending, just be overall nice to maya, don't offend her with questions, but don't take her hand :)) 

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAliens, Anime, Multiple Endings, Romance, Short, Story Rich


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Had to leave a comment after playing, and let me tell you, I'm in agreement with everyone else! I played your games as a kid and replayed them so many times. You were always one of my favorite developers. Your storytelling gave me so much joy and wonder and sense of adventure as a kid...stories like yours really "saved" me in my childhood. Sounds dramatic but true lol! I had friends but also wasn't good at making friends and being social so all I had were my stories and fictional characters. I also had a lot of self confidence and mental health issues; your games really put me in a world and place where I could escape and everything was okay.

Even though I know your art style now, I still somehow did not even realize it was you who created this game lol! I had downloaded my jam games a while ago and am just now getting to it. It is no surprise that this story made me cry and really put me in such an immersive world alongside the characters. (And top 10 anime twists?! Lol! What clever writing, I was SUPER impressed!) As expected of an azureXtwilight game. And I completely agree with the music comment, you really do find the best , most emotional and fitting music!

Just wanted to thank for you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your art all these years and being a part of my life essentially. Visual Novels have somehow become a major part of my life haha and even as a 24 year old adult now, I have so much appreciation and love for you as an artist. There's a few developers I see as "english otome dev OGs" lmfao and you're definitely one of the OGs. You walked so EVN games nowadays can run! You def don't get enough credit for that haha. I have been following your work all this time and I will continue to do so and support as long as you chose to bless us with your art. To someone like me who never finishes what I start lol, you're an inspiration and your diligence, hard work, and passion really reflects in your art. Thank you for yet another amazing experience and I look forward to your future work!

Oh my god! You don't know how happy this makes me! I actually started creating VNs as an escapism of being bullied as a teenager so I was glad that my voice can reach a lot of people... I am glad that you enjoy playing this, and I will definitely make more games in the future! ^^ Please keep playing my games!

I enjoyed playing the game, I liked the artwork and music!

Thank you so much! 😍😍😍

Woah (灬º‿º灬)♡ omegatou! it was a good game and I really enjoyed it. I like the art, the plot and so the bgm (/^-^(^ ^*)/

Thanks so much!!!

Congrats on finishing it! Very proud of you despite your busy schedule/workload ^^

Thank you so much!!!

Am reading through it, you truly never miss, ma'am QvQ

Thanks so much AAAA


Congrats on reviving "Crop Circle" and finishing NaNo!

This wonderful little gem was well worth the wait! It felt so unreal to finally play through it, and it did not disappoint! I loved all the characters, especially Maya, and I loved the choice in music (azure has this magical skill of finding the most fitting music for her games), and the writing just.... it made me feel things, there's a reason "a bucket of tears" is listed as a feature haha. Go give this lovely gem a try for yourself,  each and every ending,I promise you will not be disappointed!


Thanks so much for playing! My biggest gripe was I ran out of time so I couldn't add some things I wanted to, but glad you enjoyed it and helped with editing the script!


Hahaha well you can always give it a small update in the future, if you want to! But even so, congrats, and I am happy to have been of service <3


This is an absolutely beautiful story!  The artwork is some of your best yet. I am always amazed by your ability to understand the nature of humans and other beings.  Your games have always brought tears of joy and sorrow to my eyes.  It is definitely a gem of a story you kept from us!  I'm glad you finally made this game.  Hope you're well!

I am so glad you like it! Thanks so much!