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Are the episodes stand-alone, or do I need to play the first to understand the story? If it's a series, would I have to wait for future episodes to get the complete story or does everything wrap up in this episode? Asking because I usually wait till a VN or episodic series like this is fully done before I play and get into it!

Also, have to say, I played Fantasia and Doppelganger back years ago when I was younger and they were some of the best VNs that made a huge impression on me and were some of my favorites. I remember playing them back when there weren't as many English VNs but the market was still starting to grow, and your games had so much more depth to them than the regular japanese translated otomes I used to play. Your hard work over the years has been fully appreciated and I just thought it was important for you to know. (No lie, Fantasia 2 is probably my top otome from playing as a kid because of the adventure and romance aspects! I'm a sucker for adventure and romance so it was so awesome for me to travel with a bunch of cute guys haha!) I'm really glad to have played your games as a kid that I'll always remember as good impressions of English VNs! :)


OMG thank you so much for the kind words! I am honored you love my games! Re:Set is put on an indefinite hiatus, I am working on Fantasia : At Regime's End now, it's a direct sequel to the second Fantasia game, you might want to check the game demo first! =3

Can't believe I missed that! Well then I'm very excited to see another fantasia, can't wait to see it come together! 

these episodes look so cool, just wondering whether or not this will be available on mac

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I think the package can be played by mac, but I have no one to test it out. Let me know if you have tried it out and I'll change the description!