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"This assassination marks the end of a Regime!”

- STORY - 

When the Kingdom of Requia fell into the hands of it’s enemies, Valledyne, the princess  fortunately managed to escape with her two trusted bodyguards. Things became worse when assassin who was sent by King Armand of Valledyne to end the Khalfani bloodline once and for all finally caught up to them. The question is… will the assassin succeed?

Trigger/content warnings for mentions and/or images of: death, execution, suicide, language, minimal suggestive themes, drug use, alcohol. We recommend that players be at least 16 years of age to play this game.

For those who haven't played Fantasia before, do not worry! This is a new game with very little connection to the old games.



  • Will be completely free to play! But leave us a tip, pretty please?
  • Decide Fatima’s fate, will she avenge her parents? Will she run away from her title and live a peasant’s life with the man she loves? Will she marry a King? Or will she die and make the assassin filthy, filthy rich?
  • Swordfighting! Bloody Murder! Assassination! … Romance?
  • A very sarcastic narrator
  • 4 Love Interests, 3 Straight and 1 Gay
  • Multiple endings based on which side you pick on the war… and who you romance!
  • But then… why just romance people yourself? Others deserve love, too! Why not be matchmaker… or ruin other people’s relationship while you’re at it?
  • Demo contains 3 different endings and Multiple CGs

This game is created by a one-woman team (and a wonderful editor) so if you want to support us towards the completion, do leave us a tip here and leave us some feedbacks! :)


Art, GUI, Writing, Coding :  azureXtwilight

Editing : the-monkey-ninja

Backgrounds : Minikle on DLSite.com [Free-Royalty]

Music : Ramine, Wingless-Seraph, Hayashi Yu, Police Piccadilly, Yoshinori Tanaka, Sharou, Yuli, MAKOOTO [Commercial - Free Royalty]


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Hello there! Is the game finished? Where can I see an update?

Heya! All updates are mostly on twitter @azureXtwilight! I update every weekend!

I was just wondering whatever happened to "Finale" w/Thanos and the other characters Part One you had been working on. Was that scrapped for this one? Which this one is awesome with story line and characters also. Buuut...missing the next generation...and the guild adventures that Finale had to offer...don't get me wrong, I love your work was just wondering though.

The artwork has a definite charm to it matching the game as a whole. THANKS!!!


Another person is working on it, it turns out to be too big for me to do, and I have no funds for iy, thanks so much!

Someone else is working on that now? How exciting, not one, but two Fantasia projects going on? :)

Who is working on it? If there's a way to follow the progress of that as well, I'd love to check it out.

They don't have enough to show as for now, but I will update when they do ^^

Awesome! Thank you and good luck with everything you are working on!


Finished my first playthrough of the demo and I LOVED IT. It is so awesome to play a Fantasia game again, the sprites are lovely, the story is interesting, I love the amount of choices, and Ash--oh Ash might be one of my new favourite heroines! And will Zen have a route? Because I like him! Also it is very interesting having the story written in second person, but it strangely works! Looking forward to the full release ^^


Awesome! She is my fave heroine too! And yes, Zen will have a route!

Good, good, because I am getting OTP vibes from these two already <3

Hey, guess who plans to finally play this demo after so long. Anticipate. Opinions sometime this weekend. 

Hey how is the progress?


Progress is a bit slow because our editor and myself have a new day job, but more updates can be seen in my twitter @azureXtwilight!

When will the game complete? 😚😚😚

We're aiming for a somewhere in 2019 release! XD

sweet~ 😽😽😽

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I think I'dont remember any other Visual Novels with opening video

The characters are intersting and good looking but... Ash could look more feminine and... atractive.

Artstyle is good.Sprites could be better... 

And plot and the lore seems to be intersting.

I'd write more this is only demo. I'll write some more after playing full version. :)

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Heya! Thanks for liking the op! I feel like the point of Ash being masculine goes over a few people’s heads. Like you can actually mistake her for a guy because of her handsome looks, and that’s the point of why it’s mentioned in-game. If she looked very feminine and people kept calling her a guy it would be weird! (like how it happens in a lot of manga). 

Sorry, but Ash looks really attractive enough for me! So I am keeping her design =) And we don't have enough funds to hire a professional artist, but maybe you can donate and I'll see if we have enough fund!

Don't get rid of my Zen. :-€

Noo he is still here </3


I worship you, then.

So I'm confused. Who am I playing as? and are they a boy or girl?


Ash is female.


The game actually mentioned after you "did" not kill Fatima that Ash is a female XD


Dr. AzureXTwilight, can you please put up your other earlier games from this Fantasia series onto itch.io??

I just love the games you make :D

It would be cool if I can play all the games you created in one place :3

(1 edit) (+3)

All righty! Will do as soon as I got fast enough connection =)


Thank you for fufilling this wish!! :D

Your welcome!

I honestly loved the story line and that there were many options for actions. However, the art for the characters do not match the background at all so it was a little off putting. And the character art could use a little work but it's still very cute. The shading and colors are really well done so adding a tad more detail and fixing the small amount of proportion issues would really make this stand out and I know this would be even more of a gorgeous game. Also as an artist myself, I have a small tip, look into Design Doll. It'll make figuring out poses easier and help you keep proportions! I look forward to playing the rest of the game. Keep up the great work.

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Thanks for the feedback, will definitely check Design Doll out! I purchased the backgrounds because I can't do backgrounds for life, though. So I am afraid we'll have to stick with it until the completion!


Not a problem! That's quite alright. The backgrounds are very pretty it was just more of an observation that they didn't match and after re-reading the post, I noticed it was drawn by a different artist. Sorry about that.

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so  im confused, who do we play as? Are we Ash or Fatima? 

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Definitely Ash XD She's the one with the little portrait at the textbox, and the one called "you" by the narrator.

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I was afraid that you are dead >*< Thanks good that is not true! I love your Fanstasia series they were my very first otomes!

Something totally different from old demo u-u Looking nice I am gonna play it and give u feedback.


Aw, thanks! But I am actually working as a doctor now, so not much of free time, sorry! >w<

Am waiting eagerly for your feedback!

Aaah, so that  explains everything! Congrats, you must have worked  really hard to be a doctor c:

Thank you so much <3333

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Okay, I was so fanscinated by demo! And I thought that Ash is a boy, oh god XD Plot so far looks really interesting I am curious about other endings that  you have in mind hehe and relationships development. I think my type wil be Zen, I like his a little goofy character ~~ Art is very nice, so much improvement since your previous games! I am AMAZED!  I also liked this funny options about telling the real Ash job hehehe.

ps; Can I romance the narrator pls? XD

Thank you so much! I am actually trying hard to make it such that you don't play as the Princess... Again XD

Also, I am sorry, you can't! You will know why when you find out who the narrator is, though =")




Nothing just wanna say hi. 

Then hi to you too! XD


Had a fun time going through the demo! I like the characters, with the trio being my favs. Zen was certainly interesting, too. Not sure who I want to go after first now that I know a bit more about the characters. It was going to be Malik pre-demo based purely on the info blurb, but now I'm very tempted to focus on Altair first. I also kind of want to help the poor guy out with Fatima. XD

I loved a lot of the choices given as well. One of them took me by surprise, but it had me laughing. Was not expecting it at all. Can't wait to see where you take this!


Thank you so much for playing! The full game actually enables you to matchmake people, Fatima can end up with you, altair, or marrying a king. Altair can also end up with Fatima, Ash, or a character that appears after the demo! (And so is Malik)

I love the second POV since there are so many choices you can be provided by as a main character and the narrator is self-aware, so prepare for more absurd choices!


First of all, I’m really happy to see a continuation of the series. I love the setting just as much as I did in the first two games when they came out years ago and seeing another game being announced for the Fantasia series made me really nostalgic but also really happy! I think Fantasia ROT has been one of the first VNs for quite a lot of people, so for us who remember the game from back in the days it’s definitely exciting!

Second of all, I absolutely loved the characters. Ash in particular is such a good one! I love her from all possible points of view, since I personally really enjoy strong and manly females and she is pretty much one of a kind. While I have in mind a few characters when I think of a strong woman, I can’t compare her to any of them. She’s just... very naturally unfeminine. As for the others, I think that Fatima is a really sweet girl! I felt bad for having to do my job in some of the endings because she’s so pure. Altair cracked me up by being so done with everyone and Malik was also amusing with all his perverted comments. I am a little suspicious of him though as his reaction to some of the endings are... questionable. Zen’s my personal favorite until now! He’s such a cute puppy-like demon, though a smart one for sure. I kept talking to him instead of the others because I wanted to know more and he’s definitely the first route I’ll do once the game gets released.

Thirdly, I absolutely love how varied the choices are! I 100% did not expect some of the options to take the turn they did, since in most games they go along the line “You might want to do that, but we’re still going to stop you from doing it”. The demo ending where all of them remain together was also extremely funny. I can’t wait to do Fatima’s path and “run towards the sunset” because it’s definitely going to be good because of how opposite the two girls are! The OST is also very pleasant, which is something I also remember from the previous games. There’s not a lot of VNs in which I could enjoy the music as much (and not turn it off for)! The art is good as always, though I have constantly seen your works so it was to be expected! The BGs are very fitting for the story, without being too tiring on the eyes, and the entire menu is very nicely designed! Looking forward to play the final version! 


Thank you so much for the kind comment! 

I was always trying to make the MCs different from time-to-time, like the very feminime Cheryl, the tomboy Valen, or the sarcastic smartass Lucia for different experiences =D Someone like Ash is definitely rare and I really glad you enjoy the experience :D Meanwhile, Fatima is supposed to be the typical otome heroine, you would notice that her face is not visible in the CGs she is in, but if you romance her her face will be more and more visible XD 

And yes! Your starting party member all will have routes where you can definitely romance them! Including Fatima ;D hence the yuri option!




Yesss thank you for the proofreading!